Rabbit Vibrators – Reviews and Prices

Whether you’re looking for a rabbit vibrator that is big or small, thrusting or rechargeable, silicone or glass — this page is for you!

These types of adult playthings have been around for a long time now. So long, in fact, that quite a bit of innovation has been introduced since the first one was introduced in the 90s.

This guide is an exciting compilation of every type available to buy today. Did you have your heart set on a particular model? If so, we have it — but before you make that decision just have a look at the different kinds that are available. Sit back and enjoy as we walk you through the wonderful world of dildos with clitoral vibrators attached to vibrating shafts!


rechargeable rabbitWhen you want a vibe that will stand the test of time, look for one that doesn’t need batteries. On the particular model to the left, that amount of time would be about 1 1/2 hours of continued use. Follow the link and the other one has two hours of use on highest setting when fully charged!

Your health and safety is important to us. When we select rabbits to review, we only go after the highest quality ones available. The vibes on this page are made with one of the safest sex toy materials available — silicone! Both of the rechargeable rabbits featured are made of this amazingly clean and sterile material.


silicone rabbitThere is few other types of materials which will give you the cleanliness and soft, realistic touch of a silicone vibrator.

There are many types of materials available today which are great for sex toys. Glass is also extremely sanitary. In addition, TPE and TPR (thermo-plastic-elastomer and thermo-plastic-rubber) are also non-porous and easy to clean. Many rabbits, from the original types to some created even today, are made from rubber. While most manufacturers have figured out that they should no longer use phthalates, still rubber can be of concern because (on a microscopic level), it acts like a sponge for bacteria to hide. Selecting silicone or the other types of materials mentioned above (not rubber) is a good idea!


thrusting rabbitNotice the thrusting action of the one shown to the left. Women who love realistic vibes love to go for a dildo that goes in and out, or thrusting. The particular model shown to the left is called “the Purring Thrusting Panther“.

Obviously, women love these because it simulates the act of real sex! You can also get a good idea of how they work in general. See the clitoral stimulator attached to the base shaft? In this case, it is a “panther”, but this model of vibrator is actually called a “rabbit”. The reason for that is the original models made had two bunny ears that wiggled instead of (as the case here) panther paws that are vibrating.


Many girls would prefer a huge rabbit. When considering a vibe that is “large”, there’s actually two different types of big. — deep, and wide. The one below is long, the one featured below it is wide.

Its difficult to decide the size of something when you’re just looking at a picture on a web page. The largest rabbit is actually called the “Pearl Ecstasy”. It has an insertable length of 7 1/2 inches. Most rabbits are insertable up to 5 1/2 inches (such is the case with the one featured above). We took pictures with rulers next to them, featured below, so you can get an idea as to the size of the Pearl Ecstasy vs the Purring Thrusting Panther.

Pearl Ecstasy


As you can see, there is a considerable size difference between the two. The PTP is not considered “small”, in fact it is an average sized rabbit. The Pearl Ecstasy is in fact large.

When thinking large, perhaps you were wanting something a little more “wide” or “fat”. If that’s the case, the next one is for you!


Instead of long, this vibrator is fat. It is 2 inches thick. Compare this to both the pearl ecstasy and the PTP which are only 1 1/2 inches in girth.

This one has excellent reviews. This is a thick one. The only reviews somewhat negative was a girl who thought it was too wide! Though, if that is what you are looking for, this is a good thing!

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