Best Ejaculating Dildo is Easy to Squirt

We have two great dildos that squirt. One is white, one is black. Both can be attached to harnesses, if your harness has a plate on front that is smooth and can accept a suction cup (most do). There is another squirting rabbit vibrator we feature here if squirting is your thing.

Farther down on the page we discuss some of our more lifelike dildos, except they don’t squirt (only the top featured ones do). If you’re here for the type that ejaculates, here are the Squirting Flash Brown, and the Squirting Realistic Cock from Doc Johnson.

Enjoying a realistic dildo isn’t just a physical activity, it involves quite a bit of mental stimulation as well. That’s why women want to buy one that is lifelike — it enhances the situation and makes it more real. Here we feature many types, including silicone and ejaculating.

big-blackThis is the Squirting Flash Brown. It will ejaculate when you squeeze its balls. The cards in the picture to the left shows just how large this one really is — its 11 inches long (insertable 9 inches). Also, with a girth of 2 1/2 inches, its definitely the widest one on this page.

Molded from the porn star Flash Brown and featuring a hollow tube down the shaft allowing it to squirt, this toy is ready to make its debut in your bedroom! It offers a suction cup for maximum pleasure if you enjoy having your hands free while you play.

Most Lifelike

Sex toys are not only considered realistic because of how they look. The most real type is one that not only looks like an actual penis, it ejaculates! Here we feature a squirting dildo, by Doc Johnson. Again, I only feature the higher quality sex toys (even if they’re cheap — they have to be of good quality)! The reviews on this are really good … out of 45 its a 4 start rating on average (out of 5).

You can tell by the photo how true-to-life this one is — it has very detailed veins and is colored like a real penis. Just squeeze that pump when you’re ready for it to blow its load! Doc Johnson is a high quality manufacturer of sex toys — as such this realistic dildo is phthalate-free.

What’s so great about this first product (the Climaxer G Spot Pink)? It is able to ejaculate. Squeeze a pouch and have your favorite recipe for fake cum to squirt out. This particular model also stimulates the G-spot and has an attached clitoral vibrator as well. Grab some yummy lube that you can eat to make the night complete!

End of the Squirters, Just “Real” Below

The toys above shoot a stream of your favorite flavored lube, the ones below do not.


American Whopper

I made an image to the left, so you can see just how big this thing really is. It’s 1 1/2 inches thick, and depending on how you measure it — over 6 1/2 inches long.

What is great about this amazingly real dong is the price. It features a suction cup, its a decent medium-sized dildo and its cheap. Less than $16. Wow.

This has got to be one of the most reviewed sex toys in the history of dildo reviews. Our info page on this product features 117 reviews. Average – 5 star. 117 people can’t be wrong.

The above is made of latex rubber. That is one of the reasons it is so cheap. The difference between this one and the ejaculating dildos below is that, in all honesty, you should use a condom with the American Whopper if you expect it to last a long time. It has an odor of rubber, and on a microscopic level it can act as a sponge, making it hard to keep sanitary. This is why its only $16 — and honestly all in this price range are made of latex rubber. It does not, however, contain phthalates — it is completely free of this material and is safer than PVC dildos that were constructed many years ago.

The ones are far more easy to keep clean and last a long time. The one below is made of TPR (thermo plastic rubber) and does not have those microscopic holes referred to above. If you are interested in those made of silicone, check this post out! There’s some good advantages to silicone, they are excellent sex toys for sanitation (super easy to clean and maintain).

A good thing about this dildo is that it can be fastened to a harness. These are attached to a harness makes for a very pleasant experience. They can be used with both men and women.

Shane Diesel

shanedieselHere is Shane Diesel, taken from his Google+ page. He is a popular black porn star, and his dildo toy is an exact replica. This makes it 10 inches long, with the insertable length is 7 1/2 inches. Like above, this toy is also made of PVC (and phthalate-free as well).

The benefit of this one is if you prefer a large black dong. This is also a realistic porn star dildo. Also alike is the fact that this dildo has a suction cup.

If you are a Shane Diesel fan, we have a page dedicated to him. Learn about Shane Diesel, his dildo, erection cream and DVDs. Here is a link where you can get more information on this one.


What is the difference between a sex toy that is realistic, and one that is not? Certainly when its in use, closing ones eyes would show that it doesn’t make that much difference physically. Therefore, its the mental stimulation a girl receives that makes these realistic sex toys more enjoyable. These cocks actually show the veins on them, where they bulge as though representing a man who is fully erect. This type of mental stimulation is what many women desire. That is what makes owning one of these much better than an average one.