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Gay Dongs – Anal and Prostate Toys for Men

gay-prideWelcome to our selection of gay dildos! Here we feature dong replicas of famous gay porn stars. Just in case you were only looking for dongs that can be worn by men, check out this section for our fine hollow strapons. These are helpful when you’re looking for a hollow one that will fit over your penis as you wear a harness. If looking for a lesbian one, check out our page that features 2-way that can be used by women.

I’ve segmented the rest of this page into two sections: popular anal and prostate toys for men, and gay porn star dongs.

Anal and Prostate Toys

Homme PRO Prostate Massager

This toy is well suited for butt sex, as well as prostate massage. Constructed of silicone, it is non-porous. That means on a microscopic level, the material has no little pores for bacteria to cling to or hide in. It is easy to clean, and once cleaned it is entirely sanitary.

Okay, here we go. This is a great anal vibrator. It’s strong enough with its multiple speeds and goes deep enough with its length to give a guy a nice ride. I love to stick it in my ass while jerking off. Lube it up, slide it in, and go to town. It will give you a intense orgasm. My wife also uses it in my ass while she is sucking me off. Believe me, this is worth the price.

Lelo Billy

Consider this powerful, rechargeable vibrator as a first class prostate vibrator and massager. Constructed of silicone, it is extremely sanitary, which is important when considering an anal or prostate toy. The Lelo brand of sex toy vibrators are of the highest quality in the industry.

This is my first p-spot vibrator have bought and it definitely is worth it! I loved the different vibrations and how long the charge lasted. It definitely was a breeze to use while masturbating and gave me the best orgasm I’ve had. It is very discrete and makes little to no noise even on full blast. My only complaint is how big it is but, I am experienced with butt play. I will definitely recommend to anyone and will be using mine when I can’t use my bigger toys!

Porn Stars

Cameron Marshall

cameron marshallThis is molded directly from pornstar Cameron Marshall’s manhood. He has stared in less than a dozen popular adult films, including Little Big League 3, Suck It Up, Forever Young and He Fucked My Father.

Molded from Rascal Super Star Cameron Marshall for a life-like size, feel and pleasure. This Cock is made of 100% FleshPhalix, the most realistic material you have ever felt! FleshPhalix is made from 100% FDA approved ingredients, and is odorless and nontoxic.

Jeff Palmer

jeff-palmerJeff is a popular gay porn star who featured in 17 films, the most popular of which, “Barebacking with Jeff Palmer”. He has also released many music singles and has had a career as a musician. Made of a hypoallergenic, non-toxic Latex and Phthalates free rubber, it up easily with soap and warm water and is dishwasher safe (top rack only).

Talk about a great feeling Toy.. and just the right girth and length. OH MY wooooof wooof wooof Thank you Jeff Palmer.

Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee is an Asian-American gay pornographic film actor of Chinese and Filipino descent. This one is molded from Brandon Lee for a life-like size, feel and pleasure. With an insertable length of 8 inches, this realistic and veiny dong is made of a special material called FleshPhalix, which has a real-feel and is easy to clean.

Of course, you don’t need to be gay to enjoy the toys on this page! The prostate massagers featured above work just as well whether you’re straight, bi or gay. Same with the realistic dildos listed above, also greatly enjoyed by women! Thanks for shopping at Brewin After Dark!

Squirting White and Black Ejaculating Dongs

dildos that squirtThe most realistic type of sex toy is summed up with squirting dildos. These fantastic toys allow your bedroom roleplay to sizzle! The culmination of your bedroom playtime should end properly with an ejaculating dildo that squirts a variety of yummy treats, from yogurt to flavored edible ejaculation lotion specifically designed for your special toy.

Enjoying intimacy with your partner involves as much mental stimulation as physical. Playing sexy games and roleplay give you and your partner a more fulfilling sexual experience. That’s why, when it comes to selecting the perfect realistic sex toy to enjoy with your partner, that you pick a squirting dildo.

What comes out of those things, anyways? As mentioned, a favorite is yummy flavored yogurt. You can actually put this treat inside the squeeze pump that simulates ejaculation when you squeeze it. Spilling your load over your lover has never been so tasty! Lick it off for a satisfying ending to your bedroom play activities.

Another idea for your ejaculating sex toy — you can use flavored sex lube inside it! When it comes time to get wet, you know where the lube is and its extremely convenient. Many sex lubes are designed to be edible, so you can use them for lubrication in the beginning and then lick it all off at the end!

Because you’re going for a realistic experience, make sure it is highly detailed and real looking as well. Above is one that cums. These types let your mind run wild.

A huge part of an enjoyable experience with a cumming dildo is how you can use it. Namely, you can attach one to a harness and wear it with your partner. This is because it has a suction cup at the base. Other great uses for that cup include attaching it to a smooth tile floor, bathroom wall or the headboard of your bed.

When you are ordering a cumming dong, being secret is of the utmost importance. Thats why we ship our sex toys in plain wrapping. The label doesn’t show that it comes from an obvious adult company. Neither does it show on your credit card statement. We are highly discreet so you can enjoy your favorite play-things in the privacy of your own home.

Where is the best place to get one? Vibrator Gifts! We only review the best dildos that squirt. These toys have the most positive reviews. We organize these so that you can save time when shopping for the best squirter.

Realistic Brown 9.2″ Squirting Dildo

This ejaculating dong is made by Bust It. It comes with the first batch of lube to squirt by squeezing the attached pump. It’s veiny and extremely realistic.

Be warned, this is LARGE! Not for the weak of heart. Bring the lube! Well made and the material feels realistic but not for beginners. But if you can handle it, it is worth it! Great price too. Once in this thing can hold about 1 cup of lube for an explosive and filling squirt!

Flash Brown

Maybe you’re more into the chocolate flavor. If that’s the case, check out the squirting Flash Brown version featured here. The package says “almost” 12 inches. In reality, you get around 11 inches insertable. Believe it or not, that’s how huge Flash Brown really is. This squirting dildo is actually a real mold of his dick, a clone forever captured in his likeness.

This is a very black dong, as in Wesley Snipes black. A lighter brown black dildo is available as a porn-star mold of Shane Diesel, though that one doesn’t ejaculate.

This type of realistic adult toy is so popular, you would think there would be many more examples to choose from. My store features over 100k products from dozens of the top adult manufacturers in the world, and yet these are the only two models that I’d recommend from all that are available.

Don’t forget as you grab one of these bad boys, that you also get something for them to ejaculate with. The previous link goes to our edible lubricant page, where we feature strawberry Astroglide personal lubricant that you can fill into them.

Fat Dildos and Thick Dildos (Wide Girth)

Its not always about length. The girth has much to do with the sensation experienced when engaging in either sex or sex toy use, as with a dildo. How big is considered “thick”? Most vibrators average around 1 1/2 inches girth. Therefore, it can be considered to be “thick” starting at around 2″. Of course, this is more per your own preference, though its a good starting point.

John Holmes is a popular porn star, his member being considerably large. On his popular dildo featured below, it has an insertable length of 9 1/2 inches. The width on this dildo is 2.3 inches, making it a happy choice for size queens. Whats more is that it is veiny and has a pleasant, realistic shape. Why mention this one at the top of the article? Simple – it has 38 reviews and mostly five star. Check out the “more info” button to see all the reviews on this popular sex toy.

Perhaps you would prefer a fat black dildo. This one is larger, at 2.8″ wide, and is a perfect replica of the popular black porn star Bam. This unique toy has a center of PVC, with an outer layer of UR5 skin, which is ultra realistic. It has an insertable length of 9.6″ and is the most gigantic cock that you will find that is a duplicate of a real penis.

The two mentioned earlier, up above, are more of the “realistic” type. Have you considered getting a rabbit? Because there’s a very thick rabbit vibrator called the Thunder Cloud. Check out the dimensions of this:

Its “short” coming is that it’s only 5″ insertable, but again sometimes its more about the width than the length. Its head is just as thick as the other dildos mentioned on this page, and it also boasts a vibrator and clitoral stimulator.

Before we continue reviewing a few of the fat dildos, let me say if you’re shopping for one, you’ll have a better time looking at our full inventory by clicking below. In our store, you can easily search by many factors, the material its made of, the width, length and all other qualities. I encourage you to check them out here:


kongThe next exceptional toy on this page of extra-wide girth. These big, fat cocks will give you a tighter feeling experience. Many women crave one that has higher girth (very wide). Here we also feature those that are above 2 inches.

Below is the Kong Dildo. This particular one is 2.3 inches (the thickest most life-like one we feature). The Kong is also 9.3″ deep. This is one of the biggest you’ll get your hands on and you can use it with a harness.

When it comes to specialty adult play-toys, Brewin After Dark is where you want to shop. You can buy a large number of different sex toys, including kinds that may be harder to find. We have over 50,000 products in our online store. We appreciate your business and give our customers first class service and fast shipping.

There are a few options when you’re searching for a fat dildo! If you go with realistic, you’re getting a cock that looks like an actual penis. If not, there are many which have phallic shapes but are not made to look phallic.

There are benefits to both types. Select this kind if you enjoy the visual aspect and mental stimulation you receive from handling a lifelike looking cock. On the other hand, get one that is not very realistic — these are more discreet. Sometimes a girl wants to remain discreet and not give off any clues that she is enjoying herself!

When the girth is important, its because of the extra vaginal stimulation these types give. Not only does it stimulate the vaginal area, their tighter fit can make it easier to experience a g-spot orgasm or even increase the pressure by pulling skin tighter so that a clitoral orgasm is possible!

This featured dong is the Kong. It’s a super fat dildo. These are important things when you are looking for the best one! Now if its just a little too large, go with this big black version cast after porn star Shane Diesel. It is 10″ long, yet only 2″ wide (slightly smaller than the Kong).

Its important to remember that on this page, we don’t feature all the extra large that are available. We have many more available in our store. Please feel free to click the image in our side menu to browse our entire inventory. We’ve got thousands of types, including many more that have a wide girth.

Would you prefer a black version? This is actually a thicker cock, and it’s an actual-size casting from popular porn-star Flash Brown. As a bonus, it is also capable of squirting, simply squeeze the balls and out comes flavored lube or whatever treat you decide to load it with! This is one of our more popular products, and according to the packaging it is a full 12″ long (although insertable length is a little less).

The easiest way to gauge just how huge it is, look at the deck of cards in the picture next to it.

All the above feature a suction cup that will allow you to place it on a bed headboard, the bathtub wall or a polished tile floor. Mount this toy in your favorite position and enjoy hands-free playtime.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? We literally have hundreds that are over 2″ in diameter! Follow the link below to shop our extensive selection of thick dildos.


Big and Realistic – Reviews of Best Black Dildo

enormous black dongThe image to the left is a big black dildo that is hooked up to a harness. Interested in getting one of these? Not only is it huge, its realistic and features a suction cup attached to the base. This real looking penis is a replica of popular porn star Shane Diesel. Its a 10 inch dildo that you can attach to a harness via the cup, or attach it to some other flat, smooth surface like a bed headboard, the bathtub wall or a tile floor.

Mandingo dildos are a favorite, especially the huge type. Sex is as much of a mental stimulation as physical, and some women find it easier to experience an orgasm if they’re using a dong that looks like an actual penis. Just think about how awesome this thing is going to feel when you get it inside you!

The real question is how quick do you want this to arrive at your house? We can ship it out tomorrow for you. Our discreet shipping means we can get this sex toy to your house in a plain brown wrapper without anyone knowing what you ordered.

It is fashioned of a material called TPR. What that stands for is thermo plastic rubber. What is that? Its a type of latex rubber that does not contain phthalates, which means its a safer material. It doesn’t have the strong “rubber” smell of sex toys that were produced years ago — this is a modern sex toy. The TPR material, on a microscopic level, does not contain any little holes from which bacteria could cling to. This is so important when you want an easy-to-clean and safe dildo that is going to last!

Care and cleaning of this toy is a snap. Warm soap and water will do the trick. Once its clean, because its made of TPR, you can rest assured its sanitary and ready for your next use!

The reviews of this product in our shop has many women commenting on just how real it looks. You put your hand on this, its not hard to believe you’re touching Shane himself!

It features many awesome features all rolled up into one great sex toy. Shane is one of the most popular black porn stars on the scene today. In addition to the many adult films he features, you can also get his erection cream for your man (or yourself if you are a man :)).

You’re here, you know you’ve been wanting this toy — pleasure yourself and buy this African dildo from us today. You’ll be happy you ordered early, because the sooner you buy it the sooner it arrives!

Many people have asked me, wondering what harness we featured above in the picture. Honestly, any harness will do. The way these work, they have an area attached to them that is smooth and allows for the suction cup to fasten well. This is basically how every one is made — so it doesn’t really matter which you get (pick the sexiest you thin would work well for you!) Get one for yourself or your significant other and experience the largest cock ever!

Perhaps you would like the most realistic black dildo available. In that case, there is another very popular model, molded after the porn star Flash Brown. This one is gigantic, as you can tell by the image included with it sitting next to a deck of cards.

The great thing about this dildo is that it ejaculates. By squeezing the balls, this enormous (11 inch insertable) dildo will squirt ejaculate of your desired consistency and flavor. Buy some flavored lubricant to load it up, here is some strawberry flavored from AstroGlide.

Vibrating Dildos – Slimline, Thick, Thrusting and Realistic

Ladies, here we have a special treat! How can one make a realistic dildo even better? How about making it a vibrator? On this page, we feature the very best of our vibrating dildos.

First, lets discuss our rabbit versions. These type actually vibrate in two areas, one in the shaft and one on a separate vibe attached to it, designed to stimulate the clitoris. Dual stimulation helps a woman achieve an orgasm so much easier!

Pictured here is our thick rabbit vibrator (the Pearl Ecstasy). Its girth is 3″. If you would like a wider type of vibe, putting things in perspective, most are only 1 1/2″ in girth. That extra half inch makes a big difference.

The reason this product is featured first on this page is not only because it is a vibrating dildo rabbit. It has a unique functionality that gives it some of the best vibrations you can experience. It not only vibrates, it actually sends a vibrating sensation that travels through the dildo in a wave. Starting at the base and then progressing to the tip, this wave stimulating drives women crazy.

Shane Diesel is a popular porn star, and his dildo has a vibrating version. He’s rather large also, so the first and second products in this article are the larger variety.

If you’re wanting something smaller, read further down! His is a realistic and lifelike dong, and if you’re into porn star dildos then this product can be into you! (The picture to the right, with the OMG! on it, is this particular product). It is long, up to 11 inches that can be inserted.

Having a suction cup makes the Shane Diesel model mentioned above compatible with a strapon. If that’s your thing, check out the previous link and view our selection of strapons and harnesses available from our store.

Another rabbit makes our list of the best vibrating dildos! If you look at the image below, you’ll see why!

Next, lets discuss a medium-sized rabbit. Above is a picture of the Purring Thrusting Panther. This one isn’t quite so thick as the earlier two on this page. It is 1 1/2 inches thick, which is about average for most vibes. Instead of featuring a “rabbit”, this product has a panther perched upon the shaft, with its paws wildly vibrating for clitoral stimulation.

The Purring Thrusting Panther has the best reviews and is our top-selling rabbit here at Brewin After Dark. Unlike the previous two mentioned on this page, this one can thrust, in other words it extends and retracts, simulating the act of real sex.

slimlinePerhaps “thick” isn’t your thing? Looking for a nice and thin slimline vibrator? Check out this gold-colored slimline (almost like a bullet vibrator, only longer). It can be inserted within the vagina, but did you know that 90% of women don’t penetrate when they masturbate? This particular model is good for penetration if that’s what you desire, but other times you can simply use it as a clitoral stimulator and it’ll do the job nicely!

Whats more, it kind of looks like a writing pen, doesn’t it? Its actually nearly 6 inches long, so it is the same dimensions of a pen. That makes this a subtle toy that you can bring with you in public without fear of being exposed! Another great feature of this toy is that its completely waterproof.

Best Ejaculating Dildo is Easy to Squirt

We have two great dildos that squirt. One is white, one is black. Both can be attached to harnesses, if your harness has a plate on front that is smooth and can accept a suction cup (most do). There is another squirting rabbit vibrator we feature here if squirting is your thing.

Farther down on the page we discuss some of our more lifelike dildos, except they don’t squirt (only the top featured ones do). If you’re here for the type that ejaculates, here are the Squirting Flash Brown, and the Squirting Realistic Cock from Doc Johnson.

Enjoying a realistic dildo isn’t just a physical activity, it involves quite a bit of mental stimulation as well. That’s why women want to buy one that is lifelike — it enhances the situation and makes it more real. Here we feature many types, including silicone and ejaculating.

big-blackThis is the Squirting Flash Brown. It will ejaculate when you squeeze its balls. The cards in the picture to the left shows just how large this one really is — its 11 inches long (insertable 9 inches). Also, with a girth of 2 1/2 inches, its definitely the widest one on this page.

Molded from the porn star Flash Brown and featuring a hollow tube down the shaft allowing it to squirt, this toy is ready to make its debut in your bedroom! It offers a suction cup for maximum pleasure if you enjoy having your hands free while you play.

Most Lifelike

Sex toys are not only considered realistic because of how they look. The most real type is one that not only looks like an actual penis, it ejaculates! Here we feature a squirting dildo, by Doc Johnson. Again, I only feature the higher quality sex toys (even if they’re cheap — they have to be of good quality)! The reviews on this are really good … out of 45 its a 4 start rating on average (out of 5).

You can tell by the photo how true-to-life this one is — it has very detailed veins and is colored like a real penis. Just squeeze that pump when you’re ready for it to blow its load! Doc Johnson is a high quality manufacturer of sex toys — as such this realistic dildo is phthalate-free.

What’s so great about this first product (the Climaxer G Spot Pink)? It is able to ejaculate. Squeeze a pouch and have your favorite recipe for fake cum to squirt out. This particular model also stimulates the G-spot and has an attached clitoral vibrator as well. Grab some yummy lube that you can eat to make the night complete!

End of the Squirters, Just “Real” Below

The toys above shoot a stream of your favorite flavored lube, the ones below do not.


American Whopper

I made an image to the left, so you can see just how big this thing really is. It’s 1 1/2 inches thick, and depending on how you measure it — over 6 1/2 inches long.

What is great about this amazingly real dong is the price. It features a suction cup, its a decent medium-sized dildo and its cheap. Less than $16. Wow.

This has got to be one of the most reviewed sex toys in the history of dildo reviews. Our info page on this product features 117 reviews. Average – 5 star. 117 people can’t be wrong.

The above is made of latex rubber. That is one of the reasons it is so cheap. The difference between this one and the ejaculating dildos below is that, in all honesty, you should use a condom with the American Whopper if you expect it to last a long time. It has an odor of rubber, and on a microscopic level it can act as a sponge, making it hard to keep sanitary. This is why its only $16 — and honestly all in this price range are made of latex rubber. It does not, however, contain phthalates — it is completely free of this material and is safer than PVC dildos that were constructed many years ago.

The ones are far more easy to keep clean and last a long time. The one below is made of TPR (thermo plastic rubber) and does not have those microscopic holes referred to above. If you are interested in those made of silicone, check this post out! There’s some good advantages to silicone, they are excellent sex toys for sanitation (super easy to clean and maintain).

A good thing about this dildo is that it can be fastened to a harness. These are attached to a harness makes for a very pleasant experience. They can be used with both men and women.

Shane Diesel

shanedieselHere is Shane Diesel, taken from his Google+ page. He is a popular black porn star, and his dildo toy is an exact replica. This makes it 10 inches long, with the insertable length is 7 1/2 inches. Like above, this toy is also made of PVC (and phthalate-free as well).

The benefit of this one is if you prefer a large black dong. This is also a realistic porn star dildo. Also alike is the fact that this dildo has a suction cup.

If you are a Shane Diesel fan, we have a page dedicated to him. Learn about Shane Diesel, his dildo, erection cream and DVDs. Here is a link where you can get more information on this one.


What is the difference between a sex toy that is realistic, and one that is not? Certainly when its in use, closing ones eyes would show that it doesn’t make that much difference physically. Therefore, its the mental stimulation a girl receives that makes these realistic sex toys more enjoyable. These cocks actually show the veins on them, where they bulge as though representing a man who is fully erect. This type of mental stimulation is what many women desire. That is what makes owning one of these much better than an average one.

Shane Diesel and other Black Dildos

When you shop for a suction cup dildo, make sure to get the right kind. In this article I review ten that are high quality, and the thing that determines that is mostly the quality of material used — made of silicone, TPR (thermo plastic rubber) or TPE (thermo plastic elastomer).

Shane Diesel

suction cup dildoThe image to the left is the Shane Diesel dildo. It is fashioned after popular porn star Shane Diesel. If you like a realistic dildo, this is one of the best. It has great 5 star reviews on our “more info” page.

You should buy the Shane Diesel dildo because it very realistic and is made of excellent materials (TPR, very sanitary). I’ll discuss materials for dildos later in the article so you can see why I recommend this suction cup dildo.

Having a suction cup is a huge advantage over regular dildos in that they can be mounted and used hands-free. It is a hands-free dildo. After attaching it to a smooth surface, such as a tile floor, the bathroom tub wall, a mirror, or your bed headboard — you can enjoy a hands-free dildo use and use your hands for other more important things!

I list the Shane Diesel dildo as my first choice because it is realistic. Because it is realistic, it is appealing to the eye and excites the mind (this gets you half way to an orgasm by itself!) This dildo is made of TPR (thermo plastic rubber) which is non-porous (it is not spongy, there is no place for microscopic bacteria to hide). TPR is one of the best materials to fashion a sex toy from.

Other great things to mention about the Shane Diesel: it is 10 inches long (insertable up to 7 1/2 inches), it is 2.12 inches wide and 7 inches in circumference. That makes it one of the biggest type you can get your hands on!

New Sensations Novelties Shane Diesel is a premiere duplicate of the well-endowed porn mega star. Shane Diesel has been nominated for numerous awards and is best known for his interracial series Blackzilla and currently directs and performs exclusively for New Sensations. Now his magnificent cock is available for your viewing and penetrating pleasure! If you’re a fan of his movies or are looking for monster dong fun, Shane Diesel is the “Biggest, Baddest Boner to ever walk the Earth!”

This one isn’t for everyone, though I love it when I’m in a “big toy mood”. Beginners and those who like a slim, less drastically curved dildo will want something else. This wickedly curved, thick dildo is best for g spot/p spot stimulation. The vibrations are moderately rumbly and can be felt throughout the head and base covering the whole toy. Three steady vibes and four patterns can be turned by the remote control that’s connected by a purple cord. There is a holster clip case that can be used to attach to a harness or peice of clothing for hands-free control. The package includes a silicone mask which is very tight, and two small bottles: one of lube the other toy cleaner.

If you want a decent looking dildo that is realistic, the one above is your best bet. Playpenny represents the largest number of sex toys available online, I have over 100k sex toys and DVDs to sell. I’ve reviewed all those available, most are made of PVC (not recommended). Before I move on to discussing the remainder of our reviews, let me first discuss why it is so important to pick a sex toy made of good materials.

Silicone For the Win

If you want the best realistic silicone dildo for sale, check out my new review of Vixskin. These high quality dildos are the best you can get, though they’re a bit more expensive than the ones featured in this article! That’s not to say the ones featured below aren’t great … they’re just not as realistic as you might be inclined to want!

PVC is Not a Good Material For a Sex Toys

A good amount of this type of sex toy is not made of silicone. Most are made of PVC. PVC is a cheap material, usually containing rubber and latex, which many sex toy manufacturers construct their dildos from (because it is cheaper to do so). PVC has come a long way — they used to contain phthalates (a material used to soften rubber — however it is now believed to possibly be carcinogenic). Thankfully, most manufacturers have cleaned up their act in that matter. However, PVC still smells like rubber when it arrives. Why is PVC so bad? Its a sponge.

On a microscopic level, bacteria and viruses can cling to porous materials, such as PVC. This is simply a horrible solution for something you are putting in your private areas! If you read, all good sex toy sites say you should be using a condom with sex toys that are made from PVC. And how many women actually do that (none)? Furthermore, because PVC is porous, it will break down over time quicker and not last as long as sex toys made from better materials, such as thermoplastic rubber, thermoplastic elastomer or (preferably) 100% medical grade silicone. That is the type of material you want a your dildo to be constructed of.

Why would you want one? They come in many different sizes, no matter if you like them small or prefer them huge. 6 inch, 7 inch, 8 inch, 9 inch, 10 inch — or get the Shane Diesel version if you like them realistic and huge!

When searching for your next silicone suction cup sex toy, make sure you find one that will last and is easy to clean. All of the suction cup dildos reviewed on this page are of the highest quality materials and have great customer reviews. Visit our sex toy store to purchase a suction cup dildo!