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Big and Realistic – Reviews of Best Black Dildo

enormous black dongThe image to the left is a big black dildo that is hooked up to a harness. Interested in getting one of these? Not only is it huge, its realistic and features a suction cup attached to the base. This real looking penis is a replica of popular porn star Shane Diesel. Its a 10 inch dildo that you can attach to a harness via the cup, or attach it to some other flat, smooth surface like a bed headboard, the bathtub wall or a tile floor.

Mandingo dildos are a favorite, especially the huge type. Sex is as much of a mental stimulation as physical, and some women find it easier to experience an orgasm if they’re using a dong that looks like an actual penis. Just think about how awesome this thing is going to feel when you get it inside you!

The real question is how quick do you want this to arrive at your house? We can ship it out tomorrow for you. Our discreet shipping means we can get this sex toy to your house in a plain brown wrapper without anyone knowing what you ordered.

It is fashioned of a material called TPR. What that stands for is thermo plastic rubber. What is that? Its a type of latex rubber that does not contain phthalates, which means its a safer material. It doesn’t have the strong “rubber” smell of sex toys that were produced years ago — this is a modern sex toy. The TPR material, on a microscopic level, does not contain any little holes from which bacteria could cling to. This is so important when you want an easy-to-clean and safe dildo that is going to last!

Care and cleaning of this toy is a snap. Warm soap and water will do the trick. Once its clean, because its made of TPR, you can rest assured its sanitary and ready for your next use!

The reviews of this product in our shop has many women commenting on just how real it looks. You put your hand on this, its not hard to believe you’re touching Shane himself!

It features many awesome features all rolled up into one great sex toy. Shane is one of the most popular black porn stars on the scene today. In addition to the many adult films he features, you can also get his erection cream for your man (or yourself if you are a man :)).

You’re here, you know you’ve been wanting this toy — pleasure yourself and buy this African dildo from us today. You’ll be happy you ordered early, because the sooner you buy it the sooner it arrives!

Many people have asked me, wondering what harness we featured above in the picture. Honestly, any harness will do. The way these work, they have an area attached to them that is smooth and allows for the suction cup to fasten well. This is basically how every one is made — so it doesn’t really matter which you get (pick the sexiest you thin would work well for you!) Get one for yourself or your significant other and experience the largest cock ever!

Perhaps you would like the most realistic black dildo available. In that case, there is another very popular model, molded after the porn star Flash Brown. This one is gigantic, as you can tell by the image included with it sitting next to a deck of cards.

The great thing about this dildo is that it ejaculates. By squeezing the balls, this enormous (11 inch insertable) dildo will squirt ejaculate of your desired consistency and flavor. Buy some flavored lubricant to load it up, here is some strawberry flavored from AstroGlide.