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Shane Diesel and other Black Dildos

When you shop for a suction cup dildo, make sure to get the right kind. In this article I review ten that are high quality, and the thing that determines that is mostly the quality of material used — made of silicone, TPR (thermo plastic rubber) or TPE (thermo plastic elastomer).

Shane Diesel

suction cup dildoThe image to the left is the Shane Diesel dildo. It is fashioned after popular porn star Shane Diesel. If you like a realistic dildo, this is one of the best. It has great 5 star reviews on our “more info” page.

You should buy the Shane Diesel dildo because it very realistic and is made of excellent materials (TPR, very sanitary). I’ll discuss materials for dildos later in the article so you can see why I recommend this suction cup dildo.

Having a suction cup is a huge advantage over regular dildos in that they can be mounted and used hands-free. It is a hands-free dildo. After attaching it to a smooth surface, such as a tile floor, the bathroom tub wall, a mirror, or your bed headboard — you can enjoy a hands-free dildo use and use your hands for other more important things!

I list the Shane Diesel dildo as my first choice because it is realistic. Because it is realistic, it is appealing to the eye and excites the mind (this gets you half way to an orgasm by itself!) This dildo is made of TPR (thermo plastic rubber) which is non-porous (it is not spongy, there is no place for microscopic bacteria to hide). TPR is one of the best materials to fashion a sex toy from.

Other great things to mention about the Shane Diesel: it is 10 inches long (insertable up to 7 1/2 inches), it is 2.12 inches wide and 7 inches in circumference. That makes it one of the biggest type you can get your hands on!

New Sensations Novelties Shane Diesel is a premiere duplicate of the well-endowed porn mega star. Shane Diesel has been nominated for numerous awards and is best known for his interracial series Blackzilla and currently directs and performs exclusively for New Sensations. Now his magnificent cock is available for your viewing and penetrating pleasure! If you’re a fan of his movies or are looking for monster dong fun, Shane Diesel is the “Biggest, Baddest Boner to ever walk the Earth!”

This one isn’t for everyone, though I love it when I’m in a “big toy mood”. Beginners and those who like a slim, less drastically curved dildo will want something else. This wickedly curved, thick dildo is best for g spot/p spot stimulation. The vibrations are moderately rumbly and can be felt throughout the head and base covering the whole toy. Three steady vibes and four patterns can be turned by the remote control that’s connected by a purple cord. There is a holster clip case that can be used to attach to a harness or peice of clothing for hands-free control. The package includes a silicone mask which is very tight, and two small bottles: one of lube the other toy cleaner.

If you want a decent looking dildo that is realistic, the one above is your best bet. Playpenny represents the largest number of sex toys available online, I have over 100k sex toys and DVDs to sell. I’ve reviewed all those available, most are made of PVC (not recommended). Before I move on to discussing the remainder of our reviews, let me first discuss why it is so important to pick a sex toy made of good materials.

Silicone For the Win

If you want the best realistic silicone dildo for sale, check out my new review of Vixskin. These high quality dildos are the best you can get, though they’re a bit more expensive than the ones featured in this article! That’s not to say the ones featured below aren’t great … they’re just not as realistic as you might be inclined to want!

PVC is Not a Good Material For a Sex Toys

A good amount of this type of sex toy is not made of silicone. Most are made of PVC. PVC is a cheap material, usually containing rubber and latex, which many sex toy manufacturers construct their dildos from (because it is cheaper to do so). PVC has come a long way — they used to contain phthalates (a material used to soften rubber — however it is now believed to possibly be carcinogenic). Thankfully, most manufacturers have cleaned up their act in that matter. However, PVC still smells like rubber when it arrives. Why is PVC so bad? Its a sponge.

On a microscopic level, bacteria and viruses can cling to porous materials, such as PVC. This is simply a horrible solution for something you are putting in your private areas! If you read, all good sex toy sites say you should be using a condom with sex toys that are made from PVC. And how many women actually do that (none)? Furthermore, because PVC is porous, it will break down over time quicker and not last as long as sex toys made from better materials, such as thermoplastic rubber, thermoplastic elastomer or (preferably) 100% medical grade silicone. That is the type of material you want a your dildo to be constructed of.

Why would you want one? They come in many different sizes, no matter if you like them small or prefer them huge. 6 inch, 7 inch, 8 inch, 9 inch, 10 inch — or get the Shane Diesel version if you like them realistic and huge!

When searching for your next silicone suction cup sex toy, make sure you find one that will last and is easy to clean. All of the suction cup dildos reviewed on this page are of the highest quality materials and have great customer reviews. Visit our sex toy store to purchase a suction cup dildo!