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Best Male Masaturbator – Check out this Fleshlight Alternative!


vulcanIf you’re searching for a Fleshlight alternative, I’m assuming you want something that is exactly like the Fleshlight — but cheaper. Here you’ve found exactly what you’re looking for, at 1/4 the price and similar quality, you could buy four of this alternative for the cost of one Fleshlight.

This high quality fake pussy is called the Vulcan, and it is about as close as you can get to a Fleshlight if you’re looking for something similar, yet less expensive.

If you’re looking for something even cheaper, below we feature Tenga Eggs. Though they sell in packs of 6 for around $40, they turn out to be around $7.69 each, or 1/10th the cost of a Fleshlight. If you want a disposable artificial vagina, this one fits the bill!

Tenga Eggs are the best male sex toy. They’re cheap and are great for male masturbation. These are a type of fake pussy that simulate a real vagina. Unfortunately, its not immediately apparent why a man would want one, or what they do (its comes in a package shaped like an egg, which doesn’t invoke a strong “I NEED one of those!” response). I put together a little graphic made from a video which shows off what they really do (shown left). That’s a whole lot more descriptive than just a picture of an egg, right? That is what they can do!

What is this Male Stroker made of?

This is important for a few reasons. Obviously, you want to get the right kind of lube for the material. In addition, it is important to avoid bad materials that include phthalates or are porous (and as such, harbor bacteria after first use). Fortunately, they are made of Silicone. This is about the best material for sex toys, as it is super easy to clean. Being silicone, and easily turned inside out — they’re easier to clean than Fleshlights and this makes them a fleshlight alternative.

What kind of lubricant should you use on this Fleshlight Alternative?

Because Tenga Eggs are made of silicone, you do not want to use silicone lubricant. This would erode and cause the structure of this male stroker to deteriorate. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry much about which kind of lubricant to buy — it comes with lubricant! However, should you run out and want to replace it, water-based lube will work just fine.

Can you continually reuse them?

You certainly can. However, if you like replacing them every-so-often (even toothbrushes need eventual replacement!) … a good way to time it is when the included lube runs out. At less than $8 each, they’re cheap enough to be replaced occasionally.

How do you clean them?

Simply clean with lukewarm water and dry. Nothing sticks to silicone, so mild soap is unnecessary (but a weak dilution of dish-washing soap or sex toy cleaner will be fine). You should not place two next to each other touching, as silicone sex toys touching each other will break down and cause the toy to wear out faster. Compare this with the fleshlight, where you wash it and then add corn powder starch to keep it dry and in good condition. This conditioning powder to keep Fleshlights dry is one of the major drawbacks to owning one. This is clearly where you’re at an advantage to own a Tenga Egg as your preferred type of male masturbator.

Different Kinds

Just as with Fleshlights, there are many different types of interior textures. There are 6 total. Below are the different types of inside textures available. Not sure which one you want? Try them all! Below is a 6 pack, one of every type (silky, spider, twister, clicker, wavy and stepper). Silky Tenga Egg


The inside of the “Silky” is shown to the left. It is made for more of a smooth and gentle effect, with less friction patterns than the other egg designs. If you know you love this model, order a half dozen! If you’re not sure, order just one or the sampler pack above which has one of each. The first item below is for a single. The following is a group of 6 Silk Eggs. Tenga Egg Spider


The spider features an inner-webbed texture providing a unique experience. As you can see from the image featured left, this texture is achieved with small, consistently spaced nubs protruding on the inside of the Egg. Below, the first item is a single. Below it is a half-dozen Spider. Twister Tenga Egg


The Twister is fashioned into a spiral. This provides a twisting effect as it is stroked up and down the penis shaft, creating a highly pleasurable experience. Just imagine your partner is doing athletic spins as you stroke using the Tenga Egg Twister! Below, the first option is a single Twister egg, underneath that is an option to buy 6 at a time. Clicker Tenga Egg


The clicker consists of varying sized nubby pleasure bumps spaced throughout the inside of the Clicker. Some nubs are in groups and are spaced to cause pleasant sensations as you use this male stroker sleeve. This is the only one with pleasure nubs, prongs or bumps used for texture. Wavy Tenga Egg


The Wavy provides a wavy, ribbed texture. Ribbed is a highly popular texture as it provides realistic stimulation when used as a male stroking sleeve. Select the Wavy model if you enjoy a ribbed male stroker. You can order one with the first option below, or order six with the second option. Stepper Tenga Egg


The “Stepper” has a unique design of both ribs and nubs. It provides great variations in the sensations when it is used. Choose Stepper when you enjoy a high amount of resistance and pleasant friction when using a male stroker. Select one “Stepper” below, or the second option for six “steppers”.

How do you use them?

They come with lubricant. Apply lube and slide it onto the penis. This is done as demonstrated by the first graphic in this article (a mini video of how to use them). Tenga Eggs are one of the best male strokers available and are a great Fleshlight alternative. They feel like the real thing! This is one of the most realistic experiences you can enjoy when using a male masturbation toy. This is why a Tenga Egg is much better than a Fleshlight.