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Large Rabbit Vibrators

Sometimes a girl just wants a larger vibe. I’m sure you have enormous expectations! Fortunately, you don’t need a huge amount of patience, because I’m here to deliver what you want in a big way!

Quest for the Biggest

I know its hard when looking at product pictures to tell exactly how large a sex toy may be, when compared to other sex toys. I think the images I put together for you below will help you visualize the exact sizes when compared to other mini or medium sized.

Large vs Medium

Compare the Pearl Ecstasy at 7 1/2 inches insertable

To the Purring Thrusting Panther at 5 1/2 inches insertable …

The Purring Thrusting Panther is what you should consider an “average” (most are only 3 1/2 inches deep). This is a thrusting vibrator. However, they do go up to around 5 1/2 inches insertable. There is only one that goes much deeper. There is a reason for this!

When an adult sex toys manufacturer produces a huge dildo, they can make make one that is even up to 12 inches long. In fact, 12 inch long dildos are very popular with women. However, a girl doesn’t have to insert the dildo the entire 12 inches. She can use it as deep as she would like.

Not so with these — the bunny that sits perched on the dildo shaft must align with the clitoris when fully inserted. A manufacturer of adult toys will want to make this the optimal distance enjoyed by most women, which seems to be 5 1/2 inches. To make one that goes deeper would result in complaints or returns, because they can’t get the clitoral stimulation without inserting it too far.

Even when this is the case, some women would still prefer a big one! So if you know you want a vibrator to go this deep, this Pearl Ecstasy is the best.

There are other great things about the thick one. It features beads in the shaft that spin (a popular feature with many vibes). If you look at the image above with it measured with a ruler, you will notice that the spinning beads end up around 3 1/2 inches inside the vagina (this is exactly where a woman’s g-spot is)!

By Huge, Did You Mean Girth?

Its not always the depth that matters. Some women who are looking for a large are actually want one that has a wide girth (a large circumference). I have other rabbits to recommend if that is your desire!

It’s called the “Thunder Cloud” Rabbit. Lets discuss just how thick it is for a moment, and what is considered “wide” by standards of others. A normal thickness is considered around 1 1/2 inches. The previous product I used to feature here (that used to be the biggest) came in at 2 inches. However, this one takes the cake! It is a full 2 1/2″ in diameter, (this section is the bulbous part that is immediately above the ears of the clitoral stimulator). That is considerable, and is the widest available on the market today.

The design is remarkable. That 2 1/2″ section, where it is located, puts pressure from within the vagina, enhancing the tightness of the skin around the clitoral area (from which the bunny ears stimulate externally). This design allows for maximum stimulation and makes achieving an orgasm so easy!

Furthermore, this vibrator has everything that women love about the rabbit-style vibrators, such as the internal pearls that rotate creating a unique sensation that drives women crazy. At around $200, this vibe is on the high-end scale, though it is completely worth it. Consider the materials it is made of, in this case both TPE (thermo plastic elastomer) as well as TPR (thermo plastic rubber). Not just any rubber, thermo plastic means it does not contain microscopic holes that allow bacteria to cling to. They are an extremely sanitary, easy-to-clean vibrator that will last longer than models that are made from cheap materials.

I’ve looked through all those available on the market today (there are over 700!) If you want the largest, the Pearl Ecstasy is the longest and largest you can get. If you want a wide rabbit vibe (which is very thick, very girthy), this Thunder Cloud featured second in this article is what you’re looking for. These are the very best options if you are looking for a large rabbit vibrator!

What is the deal with this style of vibe? When they were originally created, the bunny that sits faithfully upon the shaft was created because it was illegal in Japan to create vibes that actually looked like a phallus. They disguised it to look like the little bunny many women have grown to love. The bunny ears flap wildly on a woman’s clitoris, creating extreme pleasurable sensations that keep a woman happy and satisfied at any time of the day.

Now when it comes to this particular article that is promoting these vibes, we are focused on big, thick, large, girthy, extra large and other types of “bigger” vibrators. We have measured them so you can see just how big they are, but we also explain their girth. Above all, you now know why manufacturers have been reluctant to design bunny-styled vibes that may make some women unhappy because they “don’t fit”. However, if you are in for something that is larger than average, thicker than what some women would prefer, a big rabbit dildo may be exactly what you need.

Silicone Dildo and Rabbit Vibrators

Many of you are looking for the best silicone dildo available today. We divide this page into two parts, we feature those with (and without) vibrators, specifically the rabbit kind. What makes this material great is that it is easy to clean up. The vibes on this page share this feature in common, all of them are made impervious to bacteria or viruses and a snap to clean.

Silicone Dildos

First we feature the Sumo. It is a silicone dildo that we have in a few colors, white and black (toffee). They sport suction cups so they work well with vac-u-lock or other types of harness strapons.

They both are 9.5″ long. Like all silicone dildos, they are non-porous, hypoallergenic, and phthalate and latex free. At a width of 2 inches, they’re slightly larger (wider) than an average dildo (which run around 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 inches). They’re firm on the inside, soft on the outside, giving them important rigidity but feeling luxurious. They can be boiled or frozen, for sterilization or for unique sensations in bed!

Hank Dildo

This next one is featured because it has 5-star reviews (click the “more info” button to see the reviews). This silicone dildo is harness compatible and has more of a realistic appearance. The girth on this dildo is 1.6″, which is more of a typical average width for a dildo.

Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbits have come a long way since their inception in the 90s. Back then, it was common to make them out of plain-ol’ rubber, with icky phthalates in them.

Today, modern designs include them being made with medical-grade silicone vibrator. This material is non-porous, which means that on a microscopic-level, there is nowhere for bacteria to hide.

It used to be that this meant “expensive”. Not anymore! Though we feature luxury vibes with higher prices on this page — our first model is a modest $52 range.

This of course means that a silicone vibrator is also waterproof. Many girls love the color purple — so there you go!

Rechargeable and Pink

You know the benefits of this type of sex toy, and you want the best. If you have the budget, take it one step farther and get yourself a rechargeable.

Consider the convenience of having a rechargeable vibe. No more runs to the store at the most inconvenient time! And when your batteries run out, its a buzz kill in more ways than one! Instead of worrying about all of that, get a rechargeable rabbit and have it plugged in, ready to go whenever you are.

Or how about a USB rechargeable? This black one gets recharged by a USB cord. You can power it simply by plugging it into the USB port on your computer! Of course, this vibe is also waterproof.

Here is a little additional information about the last two mentioned above, the black version has a running time of 1 1/2 hours once fully charged, whereas the pink is good for two full hours of use between charges.

Compare these to rubber. You know, the kind that has a rubbery odor to them. These types of materials are not best suited. On a microscopic level, they are like a sponge and provide hiding places for bacteria to cling to. Avoid that hassle and pick up a silicone vibrator, it is far more sanitary! It is the best type of material to construct a rabbit vibrator (a dildo shaft with a clitoral vibrator).

The gist of this article is the superior quality that is provided by this type of product. A silicone rabbit vibrator has the feel of actual skin. Its also extremely clean. Another kind of toy that provides well in the area of sanitation are those made of pyrex glass. Consider using one of these toys if you enjoy easy cleanups after your playtime!

I read an interesting article recently that most women (90%) do not penetrate when they masturbate. Expect some sexy articles on clitoral stimulators soon. I’ve been focusing a lot on the type that penetrate and I believe this site will heavily expand into non-penetration vibes.

Silicone is an inert synthetic compound. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including sealants and adhesives, lubricants and insulation. Because it is inert, its considered a safe material, as it does not react with your skin — and true allergic reactions are rare. It has been considered safe enough to use as breast implants, thus using products like these are considered safe.

While these types of products have been considered more expensive previously, today they’re more economical and a better deal compared to the most cheap types of toys that are usually made of PVC.

Thick Rabbit Vibrator – 2.5 Inches Girth – Wide

There’s only one rabbit that is made for size queens. The dildo portion is a full 2.5 inches wide. This thing is so wide that on the reviews page, the only girl who gave a “bad” review said it was too thick! This is of course not a bad thing if you consider thick to be what you want! This is considered a thick vibrator.

Thick refers to the diameter of the dildo shaft. On the other hand, its circumference is actually 5 3/4 inches. Having two inches diameter makes it a wide rabbit vibrator. If you are a girl who loves those monster sized dildos, you probably are in the market for a rabbit like this.

This is named the Thunder Cloud vibrator.

It seems that most (nearly all) rabbit sex toys are 1 1/2 inches in diameter. This seems the perfect width that most women enjoy. While you can usually find dildos in all shapes and sizes, the same is not true for rabbits. There is actually a good reason for this. Even though you may have a dildo which is 12 inches long, that doesn’t mean a gal has to use the entire 12 inches. She can actually use how ever many she wants to use, be it 5 or 7 or more.

The same cannot be said of a rabbit. There are two parts of this toy, the dildo shaft and the rabbit that sits perched on top of it. When the dildo is inserted optimally, the rabbit should align with the clitoris. There are usually vibrations that happen on the dildo shaft that are designed to stimulate the female g-spot. Usually this fabled area sits approximately 3 1/2 inches into the vagina. If a vibrator is too long or fat, hitting the g-spot while massaging the clit becomes a difficult task. The same is true if it is too thick.

There are other unique features of this product. It has powerful vibrations that travels up the base of the shaft. It starts low and works its way up to the tip. This provides a wonderful stimulating sensation for women, while the rabbit attachment does its work.

Made by Vibratex, the material on this sex toy is constructed from TPR, which is a very sanitary, phthalate-free material. It is waterproof, so no worries about accidentally getting it wet as you clean it up.

Many women prefer huge, monster-sized dildos. Its only natural that this market would want a wide one. At two inches thick, the product featured on this page is the best you can enjoy, they don’t make them any thicker!

More amazing than the size of this thick vibrator is its functionality. Its method of vibrating is different than most. The fact that it starts at the base and cycles in “waves” is enough to give any woman what she needs to climax. It is a powerful type of vibe and one of the most popular that we offer.

We have some similar rabbits you may be interested in. Here we feature a large one. This covers not only being “thick”, but also being long. The first one you notice on that page is approximately two inches longer than most others you can find. Thank you for reading our article! Now you can buy a thick rabbit vibrator.

Thrusting Vibrators and Dildos

I usually only review products that are amazing — this one has one gal saying that thrusting vibrators give her an “amazing stimulation and amazing orgasm”. These are dual stimulation vibes which features a clitoral stimulator and a dildo shaft which can stimulate vaginal and g-spot orgasms. It has the distinguishing feature of this dildo extending and retracting in and out, simulating the process of real sex.

Jenna’s Ultimate Stroker

jennas ultimate stroker vibrator
jenna jameson vibeAnother name for this is a “stroker”. Jenna’s Ultimate Stroker is a high quality bunny sex toy made by Doc Johnson. Doc Johnson is one of the most respected names in the adult toy manufacturing industry and has a reputation for building quality sex toys.

Why is it called Jenna’s Ultimate Stroker? Because it features none other than popular pornstar Jenna Jameson!

This quality rabbit features two distinct vibes, one for the dildo shaft and another for the clitoral vibe (which is shaped like a cute bee). One addition that many rabbits use to stimulate is a row of beads which rotate around in circles to provide vaginal stimulation. This is a feature offered by Jenna Jameson’s rabbit vibrator.

Again, we only review the best rabbit vibrators — this is also made from TPE (thermo plastic elastomer) and is extremely sanitary and easy to clean.

Here is one many reviews on our info page for the Jenna Jameson thruster:

Wonderful power! Has a flexible clit stimulator to hit JUST the right place no matter how you’re built. My first one lasted me nearly two years until the clit stimulator motor burnt out. I think I used it too much! My second one is new. Smells and tastes great! and the action is exactly what every vibe needs! Good size, and relatively quiet compared to other models out there! Absolutely wonderful!

The Jenna Jameson one, Jenna’s Stroker, is a little unique in that this sex toy rabbit actually has a butterfly as the stimulator. That technically makes this a butterfly vibrator! Jenna’s rabbit is longer than average for insertable length. While most rabbits average out to around 5 1/2 inches insertable, Jenna’s can go as deep as 6 inches. That is at the apex of its thrust. Another cool feature is that it can reverse rotate, in other words it spins in two different directions based on your settings. It allows you to close your eyes and focus more on the fantasy and not on how your wrist is getting tired doing all the hard work yourself.

The Purring Thrusting Panther

Here is another favorite vibe. It’s called the Purring Thrusting Panther.
purring panther

Just like the Butterfly vibrator mentioned above, this one is also made of high quality materials. Constructed of TPR (thermo plastic rubber) it is soft and pliant, without use of phthalates or other potentially harmful materials. Not only is the material body-safe, it is also easy to clean! Many sex toys are “porous”, which on the microscopic level is much like a mini sponge, giving harbor to harmful bacteria, viruses and being extremely difficult to keep clean. Not so with this (Or any other featured here)! We review only the best sex toys.

A few other great things about this thrusting vibrator? It has 9 different speeds of vibration, with 5 different patterns of vibrations — offering 45 different speed/vibration levels. This makes it easy to find the settings that are perfect for you. In addition, it is an unscented vibrator (there is no “rubber” smell with this toy, which many women can find a distraction or irritating).

Here is one of the many positive reviews on our “more info” page:

I got this product on Kara’s review and totally loved it! It was comfortable, lightweight, didn’t hurt, gave me amazing stimulation and an amazing orgasm. I’ll be honest, it took me about 10 mins to find my “sweet spot” with this product (possibly because it’s my first toy) but once I found it the action was incredible!~ Definitely worth the money I paid for it!

Thrusting Jack Rabbit

Here we have a different kind of thrusting vibrator. The two listed above actually extend and retract, going in an up-and-down motion attempting to simulate real sex. The Jack Rabbit, however, does have this up-and-down pattern, however it is done a little differently. In this case, inside the shaft there is a rod that goes up and down — moving a set of rotating beads up and down the inside of the shaft base. This motion, of course, is felt on the outside.

This provides the sensation of real sex, but without the friction of the outside going in and out (getting longer and shorter). If you are a connoisseur of rabbit vibrators, but haven’t tried one like this — you will really enjoy the experience!

These are the very best thrusting dildos available today. While they feature a number of price ranges, all are built with quality materials and have excellent customer reviews. This makes it easy to buy one!

Anal Thruster

Finally, if you’re looking for an anal toy that thrusts, here is a great option. It is made of silicone, features a suction cup (for hands-free use), and comes with lube, making it a great deal. This toy is 5 1/2″ insertable and 1 3/4 inches wide.

At VibratorGifts, you find the sexiest, craziest sex toys that please both men and women. The vibes described here are sex machines that provide a humping action like a real man with a woman. What are you waiting for, these beautiful plastic toys with strong vibrations are ready to ship today. You can have them in your hand within a few days! Increase your orgasms and be amazed with your improved sex life by getting one of these climax inducing bundles of joy.

Purring Thrusting Panther, Best Rabbit Vibrator!

If you find that one of these is stalking you — don’t run! Just let it have its way with you! This wild kitty is a rabbit vibrator that has a panther perched on the dildo shaft instead of a rabbit. Instead of bunny ears, its paws playfully stimulate your clitoral area.

This sex toy by California Exotics is made from non-porous TPR (thermo plastic rubber). This type of material has no microscopic crevices to which sexual fluids or bacteria could cling to. This makes the clean-up very simple. Many women are concerned that their favorite vibe be free of phthalates (a potentially harmful material found in some sex toys). It is free of phthalates and only constructed of body-safe materials.

Meanwhile, this is goes in and out in a thrusting motion. That means the dildo shaft is simulating the act of real intercourse, inserting in and out of your vagina. It is the ultimate experience. Just look at our illustration below and imagine the possibilities!

The above image shows the dual stimulating action. The panther paws vibrate wildly and should be positioned upon the clitoris, while the extendable and retractable dildo shaft stimulates the vagina.

Thrusting Vibrator Video

This is a very informative video showing off the various features, with different speeds and patterns of vibration and expanding/retracting.


Women love this adult toy. Check out some of the reviews on info page:

There are no words good enough to explain why this toy is the best in the world. I got mine after watching Kara’s video and it is AMAZING! The soft texture, high vibrations and intercourse simulation are an unbeatable combination. It took a while to get used to the thrusting and how to have it hit just right but that meant I got to spend more time with it. 😉 Purchase this product now!

Impressed? Here is another review:

As a recently divorced female I was looking for a product that could simulate sex, without *too* heavy of a price tag. After watching Kara’s review I purchased it and have to admit, it’s probably one of the best investments I’ve ever made! The thrusting took a couple of minutes to get used to, but once I figured out how to use it I loved it! Sure it’s a tad expensive, but when you think about all the shitty products on the market, something like this sure does seem worth it! *almost makes me wish I got divorced sooner!

For more reviews, check out our “more info” page!

This is an above-average sized thrusting vibrator. It inserts to 5 1/2 inches in depth. Many rabbits will only go through 3 1/2, making it a decent thrusting depth enjoyed by a majority of women. If you prefer one that is rather large, you can compare it with the biggest we have.

Thrusting dildos are an excellent sex toy. They’re also known as a “sex machine”. Basically, a sex machine is something like a “Sybian”. Its a masturbation device created to take a dildo and thrust it repeatedly. These things were huge, and not discreet at all. They were impossible to hide in your bedroom — basically, if you wanted one of these “sex machines”, you were going to have to never allow anyone into your bedroom.

That is what makes these so great. This is one of many types of sex machines available in the form of a rabbit dildo. This one is very secretive, however, they are easy to hide in a dresser drawer. The animation I made above isn’t entirely accurate, it shows the dildo tip going straight up and down. In reality, the tip of this vibrator swerves back and forth in an attempt to stimulate the female G-Spot area. The g spot is an area of a woman’s vagina that can experience an orgasm considered distinct from a clitoral or a vaginal orgasm.

In this sense, it is also considered a g-spot rabbit vibrator. Being made of TPR (thermo plastic rubber), it is an excellent soft material that is nonporous. This fact prevents germs from soaking into the material, making them extremely easy to clean.

Best Sex Toy For Women Is This Vibe

Shopping for a rabbit vibrator but not sure which one to get? You came to the right place! The most popular sex toy for women has come a long ways, and this page features the very best and high quality rabbits available today.

We review several products on this page. If you’re the kind of person who likes to shop by sight, or you know exactly what you’re looking for already, I highly recommend zipping straight to our extensive listing of rabbit vibrators. By clicking the link below, you’ll be taken to our store, where we list over 700 different types.

Starting off with our best rabbit. Treat yourself to the best, this vibrator is our highest quality, though its the most expensive (don’t worry, there are far more selections on this page if it’s out of your desired range). What makes the Thunder cloud so special? Following are the reasons this is my favorite rabbit.

Its the Thickest You’ll Find

If you want a thick rabbit, you’re not going to find one anywhere close to this. If you check out the “more info” page, you’ll see it has 100% positive reviews, and regarding how large this thing is, read this one:

LOVE the jelly-soft gushy feel, which gives you some flexibility when inserting this big boy. If you like to be filled up, then this is awesome. Overall this is worth the money!

At 2 1/2″ in girth, it simply blows the competition away. In comparison, the next largest vibe (long actually, as opposed to wide), is only 1.4″ wide, and its the longest available on the market out of a selection of over 700 rabbits!

Extreme Quality

It is made of 100% elastomer, thermo plastic that has no pores on a microscopic level. This makes it extremely easy to clean. Compare this with other rabbit vibrators, a good majority of them actually are made of latex or PVC, and give off a slight rubbery smell. That type of material wears down over time, whereas the elastomer should last a very long while if treated properly!

Powerful Design

This model is made by Vibratex, which is a leading name in the adult toy manufacturing industry. They simply produce high quality products, brought to you by the same company that offers the famous Hitachi Magic Wand. If you want something highly powerful that will last a long time, the Thunder Cloud is highly recommended!


Pear Ecstasy: Longest at 7.5″ Deep

Whereas the first listed was about width, this one is about depth – 7.5″ that can be inserted. That makes this one large, this is the longest one available from the over 700 rabbits we feature. This is a big one. If you enjoy large dildos that go deep, this bunny fits you best! It may not sound like much when compared to 12 inch dildos that many women prefer, but remember the tip and entire shaft of this rabbit dildo will be pulsating, twisting and turning while the ears are flapping steadily.

Here is a review of the Pearl Ecstasy, of the many 5 star ratings this product has (you can find even more ratings by clicking “more info” below).

I was so excited to receive this toy. I opened and was not disappointed. It gets me there quickly and the orgasm is intense. I love this toy! I have more expensive toys and they are not as good as this one. Order this one you won’t regret it.

Thrusting Vibrator

Women love it because it gives a more realistic experience with hands-free vibrator use. Another way to get more realism is by using one that thrusts! By extending and retracting, this rabbit vibrator simulates real sex. Think about it, it can be frustrating at times if you do not enjoy manually manipulating a vibrator. This one lets you take your mind off that and focus on fantasy and achieving orgasm!

Pictured above is the Purring Thrusting Panther, which is a thrusting vibrator. As you can see from the image, the purring thrusting panther has a dildo shaft that extends and retracts, simulating the in-and-out action of real intercourse.

This is dual stimulation at its finest! This bunny will stimulate both clitoral and vaginal orgasms at the same time. The purring thrusting panther is made of TPR (thermo plastic rubber). This material is non-porous, which means there are no microscopic holes for bacteria or sexual fluids to penetrate and cling to.

Watch a video with the amazing Purring Thrusting Panther, by clicking on the image to the right. It will bring you to our store where we have a video demonstration of how it can thrust, simulating real sex!

After stumbling upon and watching a toy review of this product, I was curious however,a little hesitant as I was a Dual Purpose Vibrator Virgin. But the temptation to try it out was overwhelming so, I bought it.. When I first tried the product, the thrusting action felt a little bit weird (due to not being used to it) while the Panther Clitoral Stimulator was a little heavy(full-on)however, once you get used to the vibration and get into your own personal groove, I swear, it will leave you personally satisfied, multiple orgasms(over, over, over)satisfied !!


Want more stimulation? Try vaginal, clitoral and anal vibration at the same time! As you insert the dildo shaft into your vagina, the clitoral stimulator will align, as the anal beads attachment is inserted into the anus.

Here are some more stats on the “Wild Orgasm Twin Teasers”.

  • 5.25″x 1.5″/ 13.25 cm x 3.75 cm (shaft)
  • 2.5″x 1.25″/ 6.25 cm x 3.25 cm (clitoral encaser)
  • 5.5″x 1″/ 14 cm x 2.5 cm (tail)

It’s made of TPR, making it extremely sanitary. That is important for anal stimulation!

This is the first time I am using such a vibrator and I never had g spot orgasm its fantastic. I recommend you try this once! I feel a river streaming down from my vagina. I felt an unexplainable ecstasy, it was stimulating my g spot and clitorus simultaneously. Very good product, one in a million, thanks!

Expensive High-End

Treat yourself, you deserve it! This isn’t only the one with the highest price tag, it is also built with quality materials that are made to last.

Forget about buying more and more batteries. This more-expensive one is rechargeable. Forget about distractions during your intimate playtime — the Vanity by Jopen #10 is whisper quiet. If you’ve tried one in the past, you’ll know that discreetness isn’t usually its strongest point. However, this is a very quiet one.

It is made with the best material for a rabbit dildo, silicone! Nothing sticks to silicone. The electrical components are shielded, making this rechargeable, also waterproof.

Even though it is quiet, it is also very powerful. It contains a premium Lithium Ion battery. By simply recharging the Vanity Jopen 10 between uses, you have a fully charged, powerful rabbit which is available to you on demand. Lastly, this high-end expensive toy was an award winner at the 2012 Xbiz Awards!

This is such a great dual stimulator vibrator! It’s got seven levels of vibration and seven levels of rotation. the controls are separate, so you can adjust to your comfort. Steady vibes, no patterns – but strong, deep and rumbly. The attachment teases and thrills with its tongue and antennae and the shaft head rotates the curved tip – perfect for g spot stimulation. I’ve had intense dual orgasms with this rabbit. I hope to have many more. Yes, it’s waterproof. It comes with a drawstring bag big enough to hold the included charging dock and adapter plug. You can register yours for a one year warranty and extend to ten at the jopen site.

The rabbit vibrator is literally the number one adult toy in the world. One guy who sells adult products for a living, his name is Sex Toy Dave. He owns CNV, which is the parent company that handles all our order processing. He’s been quoted as saying that rabbit vibrators and realistic dildos are the best sellers of all time. This is coming from a guy who not only sells them retail (he operates, but he also wholesales to distributors like Brewin After Dark. Why is it the most popular type?

Its all about dual stimulation. They have a clitoral stimulator on the base of its handle. What happens is that the dildo shaft also vibrates, and both of them work together to provide maximum stimulation to help a woman achieve an orgasm. Many women have tried, but failed to achieve a climax without the assistance of a bunny clitoral stimulator.

Black Rabbit Vibrator

For you gals who are looking for your next great sex toy, have you considered the convenience of getting a rechargeable one? Having to replace those batteries is certainly inconvenient to say the least! It is far better to simply plug it in and forget about it (until its time for it to come out of the hole — or into one, that is).

usbrechargeableConsider for a moment this beauty, the Embrace Bunny Wand. Its powered by a USB cord.

Whenever you’re near your computer you can plug it in and its good to go! When fully charged, this girl will run on its highest speed for 1 1/2 hours straight — and it takes only 8 hours to fully recharge.

Something else that’s great about this usb-powered vibe? Its made of silicone! This type of material has got to be about the best, it is so extremely convenient to clean. Check out the reviews of this particular product, you’ll see how well women love it.

When I saw this I was interested. It is like a rabbit toy but a little different. I went ahead and bought it and I wasn’t disappointed. The placement of the motors worked really well for me. I liked all the patterns on this one. I usually only like 1 or 2 patterns. But for this I loved them all. So that is a + The material is great and it was a good size. Not too big, not too small.

Again, since we are very concerned with your health, safety and well-being, we only feature safe adult play-toys. This beaut is also made of medical-grade silicone, easy to clean and infinitely sanitary to use. Clearly this is one of the best sex toy for women.

If you’re concerned about the environment — a rechargeable rabbit is the way to go. When using this toy you will be happy to no longer be sending batteries to landfills or any other type of disposal.

I hope you enjoyed this article! There are so many improvements available to this style of vibe. Stay tuned as I elaborate on each of the above topics with further articles about the rabbit vibrator.