Fat Dildos and Thick Dildos (Wide Girth)

Its not always about length. The girth has much to do with the sensation experienced when engaging in either sex or sex toy use, as with a dildo. How big is considered “thick”? Most vibrators average around 1 1/2 inches girth. Therefore, it can be considered to be “thick” starting at around 2″. Of course, this is more per your own preference, though its a good starting point.

John Holmes is a popular porn star, his member being considerably large. On his popular dildo featured below, it has an insertable length of 9 1/2 inches. The width on this dildo is 2.3 inches, making it a happy choice for size queens. Whats more is that it is veiny and has a pleasant, realistic shape. Why mention this one at the top of the article? Simple – it has 38 reviews and mostly five star. Check out the “more info” button to see all the reviews on this popular sex toy.

Perhaps you would prefer a fat black dildo. This one is larger, at 2.8″ wide, and is a perfect replica of the popular black porn star Bam. This unique toy has a center of PVC, with an outer layer of UR5 skin, which is ultra realistic. It has an insertable length of 9.6″ and is the most gigantic cock that you will find that is a duplicate of a real penis.

The two mentioned earlier, up above, are more of the “realistic” type. Have you considered getting a rabbit? Because there’s a very thick rabbit vibrator called the Thunder Cloud. Check out the dimensions of this:

Its “short” coming is that it’s only 5″ insertable, but again sometimes its more about the width than the length. Its head is just as thick as the other dildos mentioned on this page, and it also boasts a vibrator and clitoral stimulator.

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kongThe next exceptional toy on this page of extra-wide girth. These big, fat cocks will give you a tighter feeling experience. Many women crave one that has higher girth (very wide). Here we also feature those that are above 2 inches.

Below is the Kong Dildo. This particular one is 2.3 inches (the thickest most life-like one we feature). The Kong is also 9.3″ deep. This is one of the biggest you’ll get your hands on and you can use it with a harness.

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There are a few options when you’re searching for a fat dildo! If you go with realistic, you’re getting a cock that looks like an actual penis. If not, there are many which have phallic shapes but are not made to look phallic.

There are benefits to both types. Select this kind if you enjoy the visual aspect and mental stimulation you receive from handling a lifelike looking cock. On the other hand, get one that is not very realistic — these are more discreet. Sometimes a girl wants to remain discreet and not give off any clues that she is enjoying herself!

When the girth is important, its because of the extra vaginal stimulation these types give. Not only does it stimulate the vaginal area, their tighter fit can make it easier to experience a g-spot orgasm or even increase the pressure by pulling skin tighter so that a clitoral orgasm is possible!

This featured dong is the Kong. It’s a super fat dildo. These are important things when you are looking for the best one! Now if its just a little too large, go with this big black version cast after porn star Shane Diesel. It is 10″ long, yet only 2″ wide (slightly smaller than the Kong).

Its important to remember that on this page, we don’t feature all the extra large that are available. We have many more available in our store. Please feel free to click the image in our side menu to browse our entire inventory. We’ve got thousands of types, including many more that have a wide girth.

Would you prefer a black version? This is actually a thicker cock, and it’s an actual-size casting from popular porn-star Flash Brown. As a bonus, it is also capable of squirting, simply squeeze the balls and out comes flavored lube or whatever treat you decide to load it with! This is one of our more popular products, and according to the packaging it is a full 12″ long (although insertable length is a little less).

The easiest way to gauge just how huge it is, look at the deck of cards in the picture next to it.

All the above feature a suction cup that will allow you to place it on a bed headboard, the bathtub wall or a polished tile floor. Mount this toy in your favorite position and enjoy hands-free playtime.

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