Gay Dongs – Anal and Prostate Toys for Men

gay-prideWelcome to our selection of gay dildos! Here we feature dong replicas of famous gay porn stars. Just in case you were only looking for dongs that can be worn by men, check out this section for our fine hollow strapons. These are helpful when you’re looking for a hollow one that will fit over your penis as you wear a harness. If looking for a lesbian one, check out our page that features 2-way that can be used by women.

I’ve segmented the rest of this page into two sections: popular anal and prostate toys for men, and gay porn star dongs.

Anal and Prostate Toys

Homme PRO Prostate Massager

This toy is well suited for butt sex, as well as prostate massage. Constructed of silicone, it is non-porous. That means on a microscopic level, the material has no little pores for bacteria to cling to or hide in. It is easy to clean, and once cleaned it is entirely sanitary.

Okay, here we go. This is a great anal vibrator. It’s strong enough with its multiple speeds and goes deep enough with its length to give a guy a nice ride. I love to stick it in my ass while jerking off. Lube it up, slide it in, and go to town. It will give you a intense orgasm. My wife also uses it in my ass while she is sucking me off. Believe me, this is worth the price.

Lelo Billy

Consider this powerful, rechargeable vibrator as a first class prostate vibrator and massager. Constructed of silicone, it is extremely sanitary, which is important when considering an anal or prostate toy. The Lelo brand of sex toy vibrators are of the highest quality in the industry.

This is my first p-spot vibrator have bought and it definitely is worth it! I loved the different vibrations and how long the charge lasted. It definitely was a breeze to use while masturbating and gave me the best orgasm I’ve had. It is very discrete and makes little to no noise even on full blast. My only complaint is how big it is but, I am experienced with butt play. I will definitely recommend to anyone and will be using mine when I can’t use my bigger toys!

Porn Stars

Cameron Marshall

cameron marshallThis is molded directly from pornstar Cameron Marshall’s manhood. He has stared in less than a dozen popular adult films, including Little Big League 3, Suck It Up, Forever Young and He Fucked My Father.

Molded from Rascal Super Star Cameron Marshall for a life-like size, feel and pleasure. This Cock is made of 100% FleshPhalix, the most realistic material you have ever felt! FleshPhalix is made from 100% FDA approved ingredients, and is odorless and nontoxic.

Jeff Palmer

jeff-palmerJeff is a popular gay porn star who featured in 17 films, the most popular of which, “Barebacking with Jeff Palmer”. He has also released many music singles and has had a career as a musician. Made of a hypoallergenic, non-toxic Latex and Phthalates free rubber, it up easily with soap and warm water and is dishwasher safe (top rack only).

Talk about a great feeling Toy.. and just the right girth and length. OH MY wooooof wooof wooof Thank you Jeff Palmer.

Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee is an Asian-American gay pornographic film actor of Chinese and Filipino descent. This one is molded from Brandon Lee for a life-like size, feel and pleasure. With an insertable length of 8 inches, this realistic and veiny dong is made of a special material called FleshPhalix, which has a real-feel and is easy to clean.

Of course, you don’t need to be gay to enjoy the toys on this page! The prostate massagers featured above work just as well whether you’re straight, bi or gay. Same with the realistic dildos listed above, also greatly enjoyed by women! Thanks for shopping at Brewin After Dark!